Device for airborne disinfection in medical environments, hospitals, surgeries, dental offices, sterilisation and diagnosis rooms.


The air contaminated by the passing people and by medical activities is a vehicle for infections and contagions, for both the medical staff and the patients. Several viruses and bacteria spread in fact through the air (i.e. tuberculosis, influenza, diphteria, etc.). The functional tests carried out in independent laboratories prove the elimination of viruses, germs, moulds and spores up to 99.99%*.


STERYBOX is an innovative device for reducing the bacterial charge of the air in environments at risk of aerial contagion, such as sterilisation rooms, dentist’s surgeries, laboratories for diagnostics and analysis, operating theatres, first aids, etc. This device uses the well-known properties of the UV-C germicidal radiation at 254 nanometres (UVGI) and, specifically, the capacity of denaturing the genetic material of the cells it strikes, by inactivating every type of microorganism present in the air (bacteria, germs, moulds, viruses). The germicidal radiation, which is isolated inside the device, prevents the spreading of the dangerous UV-C rays in the environment and it eliminates any side effect detrimental to health; the air is aspirated by the device through noiseless axial fans and it is then submitted to an intense UV-C radiations field trough a patented coil system; the air is purified and ready to be released into the environment, thanks to a continuous change of air.

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